A carefully selected range

We sell consumables, chemicals and instruments for marking, fixation, dehydration, embedding, cutting, dyeing, assembly and storage. Our product range is stable, long-term and at the same time under constant development. Today, we represent some of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field and also have their own development and manufacturing.

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Within Histology, we have a wide range of leading suppliers. We have a solid knowledge in the company and market products for the entire histological process, which enables us to offer our customers individual complete solutions.


We also help our customers to good results by reviewing and updating working methods and processes. We also offer training in histology and the histological process.


In immunohistochemistry we offer a solid knowledge with product specialists with many years of experience. We collaborate with several of the country’s leading clinical laboratories and prominent research groups and we also offer training in the field.

We have the great privilege of exclusively representing Biocare Medical, which is a world leader in immunohistochemistry. Biocare Medical is a research-intensive company that manufactures products in the absolute forefront of development. They are world leaders in double staining and have one of the market’s most sensitive and specific micropolymer detections. We also offer instruments to fully automate your immunohistochemistry.


Service is important to us at Histolab. We have a team of 7 people offering Service and Application Support for our products. We offer different levels of service agreements tailored to customer needs. Through regular service, we ensure that our customers get the highest availability and reliable test results.

We also offer training and application support in connection with installations and for further education.

Our Service and Application Team always on site at the customers when installing new instruments and ensuring that everything is working properly.

For more information about service, application support and training, please contact our Service Manager Ingemar Walming.

Phone: +46 (0)31-709 07 43, E-mail: Ingemar.Walming@histolab.se

Service Registration:
Phone: +46 (0)31-7093040, E-mail: service@histolab.se


There are several possibilities for you as a customer to easily order your goods.

We offer the following order options:

• Webshop: You can view our products and place your orders in our webshop.

• E-mail: Send us your order to mail@histolab.se
Do not forget to enter your customer number, reference, article number, phone number and if any special conditions needed(eg new invoice address).

• Phone: Call +46 (0)31-709 30 30. Please have your customer and item number ready before you call.

Histology services

Our subsidiary Histocenter offers services within the entire histological process. Histocenter is an accredited laboratory that colaborates with the pharmaceutical industry, the universities’ medical institutions, state institutions and hospitals. Histocenter can help with the entire histological sample preparation. With long experience and broad expertise, they deliver a high quality product.

For more information please visit Histocenter’s website or contact Operations Manager Helena Rydh.