19 nov 20

3DHISTECH has renewed the product portfolio to support the varying needs of digital pathology customers. End users performing clinical diagnostics have been given their own DX-product portfolio providing clinicians with a truly complete solution for digital pathology.

The DX-solution includes, not only fully automated high-throughput slide scanners, the entire data management system and image databases with built-in clinical viewers, image analysis and reporting tools. The solution is scalable for any size of laboratory and the entire solution complies with the forthcoming IVDR-requirements.

The drivers behind this new product segment are the increasing amount of cancer cases in the aging populations that are to be handled by a decreasing number of pathologists. This is a problem that can be alleviated by a well implemented, easy-to use and safe comprehensive digital pathology system, which also fulfills the new demands placed by the new IVD-regulation (IVDR) within the EU.

The DX-package includes slide scanner models P1000, P300 and DESK with unified light sources and optics to produced images of exact same exceptionally high quality.  The harmonized DX-Scanner control software is equipped with new profile-free fully automatic focusing and tissue finding algorithms making the workflow in the laboratory easy and effective. Diagnostics is made easy, effective and safe by CaseManager which operates at the heart of the DX-solutions. It provides the pathologists with integrated tools for viewing, analyzing, forwarding, requesting of special staining as well as signing and archiving cases distributed to them.

Histolab is proud to tell you more about these new products. Please do not hesitate to contact us.